In 1989, Shadowrunner awoke to a new rhythm of life found in late nights, all types of different souls and redemption in the dark pulsating arenas of clubs and house parties. Strange new experiences made him more aware of the power of music and how it affects the intellect and alters emotions. This was the start of a long artistic journey of one man for a life in the electronic music culture. Pizzazz dance club, and later The Power Plant in Lawrence, KS was his first experience working lighting and sound.

From August of 89 to February 91, he did lighting for the clubs and house parties as well as started to learn the technical aspects of spinning. These jobs taught him the valuable lesson of creating enjoyable atmospheres with minimal lighting and varied styles of electronic music. It was easy to be accepted into this new group of people, living with the music and being responsible in this community. Attitudes were focused on the exploration of new music and always creating an appropriate vibe to promote the underground sounds.

Fortune smiled on him early on in 1995 when he co-founded a promotions group, “Gawdawful Productions“, which would play a role in helping to cultivate the electronic music scene in Kansas City and elsewhere. His many efforts in this partnership would help produce and manage a handful of larger scale parties, promotions for numerous other events, and weekly house parties and club events. Bringing in such artists as Heather Heart, Adam X, DRC, as well as, showcasing many local and regional talents too. However, after Gawdawful, he still was content to promote artists and produce parties.

As a partner in the label, he represented a group of DJ’s and composers, all talented in their own right, under Nexstrand Records (1997). After a year and a half the partnership dissolves with two releases under their belts. Finding a passion for his companion’s work and truth in their undertakings, he progressed onto the next level. He opted, after toiling in the background for years, to take a stab at the limelight. Thus, in January of 1999, he devoted himself to his love of the music. Mixing seemed to come easy to him.

The many years of studying the technical aspects of music and mixing helped to hasten his skills. Within 3 months, he had his first headlining gig at a smaller club event, and within 6 months, he started headlining at larger events and nightspots regularly. In the late summer of 1999, Shadowrunner befriended some of the region’s best organizers of the Midwest’s electronic music culture, SyQuiL.com. Nothing made him prouder than being a SyQuiL dj, and helping out with the site.

Pappy (Patrick Adams), the owner of the site, contributed so much to the local and regional scene and gave so much exposure to many people and events. In the summer of 2001, he started a rotation of the regional bars playing regularly at Tragos, The Omni, The Millennium, XO, and with Rj Bass at the Hurricane (a popular club in KC), as well as, keeping up a good schedule of out of town gigs. Long after he established himself, he continued his journey into the realm of musical immersion by purchasing a Roland MC 505.

After gaining competency with this, he pursued the dream further with the Roland SP 808 EX and signed with a local enthusiast group, Goblin Market (2002). September of 2003 Shadowrunner was approached to assist in the technical operations of an emerging new nightclub in Kansas City. Chakra was a new nightspot with a comfortable approach to clubbing in KC. Shadowrunner took the position of lighting and sound coordinator. Over the course of the next year, he took on many responsibilities (bookings, promotions, staging, bar tending, managerial support, remodeler, and resident disc jockey).

Early 2005: Shadowrunner joins forces with Syde-Sho, KC Collective, and phocas.net (contributing writer). The next few years in the regional electronic music scene Shadowrunner kept up with residencies at many of the local venues such as The Empire Room, NV, and Madrigall. All the while he maintained a scedule of guest spotting at many other clubs, festivals and raves.

Today we find him hard at work in studio and performing regionally. Stay tuned for more exciting things to be coming your way soon from this die hard DJ/Producer.